About National Park Taka Bonerata

National Park Taka BonerataThe National Park Taka Bone Rata, located 250km south of Makassar, Sulawesi, is dominated by see pines, coral reef and palm trees. It is the third largest atoll in the world after Kwajifein on the Marshall Islands and Suvadiva in the Maledives. The atoll has a overall size of 220.000 hectare of which 50.000 hectare is made of coral reef.
The area is unique since the 20 small islands in the atoll are made by the coral reef. Of the 20 islands of the atoll only 6 are inhabited and 15 can be used for diving. The park is perfect for marine activities like snorkeling and diving with small ponds surrounded by corral (especially at low tide) and deep straits between the islands.

The national park is considered to contain some of the world's highest marine biodiversity with 261 species of coral, 295 species of fish and 244 species of mollusks and several turtles, including the Hawksbill Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), the Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) and Pacific Ridley Turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) .

About Bantimurung National Park

Bantimurung National Park, Makassar, Sulawesi, Indonesia

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Bantimurung National ParkBantimurung National Park is a 480 km2 large nature reserve just 45 km north of Makassar / Ujung Pandang. The name Bantimurang is a combination of the words 'membanting kemurungan' which means 'getting rid of sadness'. The park is famous for its many butterflies. When Sir Alfred Wallace visited this area in 1856 he termed it the 'Kingdom of butterflies'. A name still used till today.
Unfortunately the number of species and amount of butterflies has dropped significantly in the last decades. In the first count there were 270 species, a count in 1997 stopped at 147 species. The last count in 2010 could only found 90 species. Also, besides a decline in species, the total amount of butterflies has dropped significantly: before there were so many butterflies they would gather in groups and drift by in a cloud.
Bantimurung National Park Increased human activity in the area is seen as the cause of this decline. In a response the government has started a butterflies breeding program. But in spite of the decline you can still enjoy the thousands of multi-colored butterflies here especially in or near one of the caves.

Besides the butterflies this National Park is famous for the 15 meter high waterfall. This is the place where most visitors go to. Behind the waterfall are a few caves which you can explore. The waterfall and caves are set in a lush tropical forest with limestone cliffs.
Bantimurang National Park is especially popular in the weekends when local visitors from Makassar head out to the waterfall and adjacent picnic area.

Park entrance is Rp 5,000 per adult. Accommodation to spend the night is available inside the park perimeter for as low as Rp 50,000.

About Fort Rotterdam

Fort RotterdamFort Rotterdam (Benteng Ujung Pandang as it is now called) is an old Dutch colonial fort in Makassar, overlooking the harbor. It is one of the top attractions in Makassar.
The current fort was build by the Dutch around the year 1667 but the first defensive structures consisting of a simple dirt wall where built here a century before in 1545 by Raja Tunipalangga. The Dutch Admiral Cornelis Speelman concurred the fort in 1667 and renamed it after his birthplace, Rotterdam. Soon the fort was rebuilt with 6 meter high and 2 meters thick walls. In the inside arose Dutch houses and a church. The fort became the center of Dutch colonial power on the island of Sulawesi.
Fort Rotterdam kept it function till 1937 after which it got other functions. In the 1970s the fort was restored and renamed to Fort (Benteng) Ujung Pandang. It is one of the best preserved Dutch buildings in Indonesia.

Fort Rotterdam Fort Rotterdam consists of five towers, four on each corner and one at the main entrance. Inside are thirteen buildings, eleven made by the Dutch and two were built by the Japanese. The oldest building was built in 1686 and is called the Speelman's house, after the admiral who concurred the fort although he never actually lived in the house. The house was used by Dutch governors till mid 19th century. Currently a museum is housed here. Other structures were used as sleeping quarters for officers, prison or warehouses. One of the leaders of the Java war (1825-1830), the Indonesian National Hero Prince Diponegoro, was imprisoned here for 26 years till his death in 1855.

Fort Rotterdam is open every day from 08:00 till 18:00 hour. Entrance is free although a donation is requested, Rp. 10,000 should suffice. The museum is only open Tuesday to Sunday in the morning from 8:00 till 12:30 hour, entrance is about Rp 7500.

About Akkarena beach

Akkarena beachAkkarena beach is located at the coastal side of the city of Makassar, more precisely in front of Makassar Mall GTC, just about 10 minutes drive from the city center by private vehicle.
Akkarena beach is a stunning black sand beach and is a a great choice for hanging out with family. It offers a variety of means to relax and play for grown-ups and kids. Akkarena beach not only offers beautiful beaches, but it also offers a variety of facilities, including playgrounds (with seesaw, swings and sliding boards), restaurants and a park.
This park is called Akkarena Tanjung Bunga, which was built in an area of 12 hectares and is usually open from 7:00 am until midnight. In the park restaurants and warungs serve local and international food and drinks and live music is performed here in the evening..
You can do various water sports and various games such as banana boat, jet sky, and drive ATV bike, but you can also just relax, enjoy the breeze and the beautiful Akkarena beach.
Entry fee is only Rp. 5000, car parking is Rp 2000 and Rp. 1000 for a motorbike.


Objek Wisata & Tempat Tempat menarik Di Bone.

Bone adalah salah satu kabupaten di Sulawesi Selatan yang menyimpan keanekaragaman daya tarik alam dan budaya yang patut untuk anda kunjungi, seperti museum lapawawoi, bola soba dan lain sebagainya.

Berikut ini adalah daftar beberapa tempat menarik yang mungkin bisa anda kunjungi :

Museum Lapawawoi.

Museum Lapawawoi.

Merupakan bangunan tempat tinggal raja Bone XXXI Andi Mapanyukki. Museum ini berisi benda-benda seni dan budaya tradisional, foto-foto raja Bone beserta keturunan bangsawan Bone, berbagai jenis benda pusaka, pakaian dan aksesoris tradisional serta benda-benda yang biasa digunakan dalam upacara adat Bone. Terletak di pusat kota Watampone.

Bola Soba.

Bola Soba.

Merupakan rumah adat tempat tinggal panglima kerajaan Bone Andi Abdul Hamid Petta Panggawae yang dibangun pada masa pemerintahan raja Bone XXX sekitar tahun 1890. terletak di pusat kota Watampone.

Gua Mampu.

Gua Mampu.

Gua mampu merupakan sebuah terowongan terpanjang dan terindah di sulawesi selatan yang dihiasi stalaktit dan stalagmit di dalamnya, konon relief stalagmit di dalam gua ini menyerupai sosok manusia. Kelebihan gua ini ialah memiliki ventilasi sehingga cahaya bisa masuk. Terletak sekitar 34 Km dari kota Watampone.

Arung Palakka,

About ArungPalakka, Son of the Best Land Bugis
ArungPalakka (born in lamatta, mario Wawo-ri, soppeng, 15 September 1634 bontoala died on 6 April 1696 at the age of 61 years) was the sultan of bone from the year 1972-1696. While still a prince, he led his kingdom in achieving the independence of the sultanate of Gowa in 1660's. He worked with the Dutch in seizing the city of Makassar.

Palakka carry spare bugis become major maritime power and dominate the region for nearly a century. Whitewater Palakka titled "La Tan-ri tatta To urong To-ri SompaE Petta MalampE'E Gemme'na Daeng Serang To 'Appatunru Paduka Sri Sultan Sa'admuddin, [MatinroE-ri Bontoawala], Whitewater Bone.


Born in lamatta, Mario ri Wawo, Soppeng, Date 15 September 1634, son of Lapottobunna, Whitewater Land Tengnga with his wife, We Tan-ri Suwi, Datu Mario Wawo-ri, the son of La-ri tan sri sultan Paduka Ruwa adam, arumpone bone. ArungPalakka died in bontoala, the kingdom of Gowa (now Gowa district) on 6 April 1969 in buried in bontobiraeng.


Married first-Whitewater Kaju (divorced)

-Married a second time with sira Daeng Talele Karaeng ballajawa on 16 March 1668 (bercarai on 26 January 1671), (born on 10 September 1634, died 11 February 1721), previously the wife of Karaeng bontomaronu, and Karaeng karunrung 'Abdul Hamid, a former louse-Butta talking Gowa, daughter of I-Daeng MALLEWAI Karaeng mataoya Manasa, Karaeng cendrana and sometimes as Tumalailng Gowa, by his wife, Daeng mangeppe, son of I-Daeng mallingkaang mannyon-ri Karaeng matoaya awwal sultan abdullah al-Islam, Karaeng Tallo.

-Married third time in soppeng, 20 July 1673 with tan We pau-ri ri Adda Sange datu watu [matinroe_ri madello] datu soppeng, formerly wife of la Sunni, adatuwang sidendreng, and daughter of La-ri tan bali beowe II, datu ri soppeng.

Married to a four-time on 14 September 1684, with Daeng Marannu, Karaeng laikang (died on 6 May 1720), formerly the wife of Karaeng bontomanopo muhammad, and the son of Daeng mangempa pekampi Karaeng bontomanonu, Gowa.


Replace his mother as a datu Mario_ri Wawo to 15. Arungpalakka earned as a gift to free his people from colonialism makassarese. Recognized by the Dutch as arungpattiru, palette, and palakka in bone and dautu mario-ri Wawo in soppeng, Bantaeng, and bontoala, 1670.


Pick the airport at 10: 00 am to the hotel to travel 4 hours to pass through mountainous areas lunch continue perjalannan toward SOUTH BONE dinner at hotel Bugis traditional music BONE break night second day breakfast way to the museum at 8.30 visit the museum for 1 hour 30 minutes toward the cave ARUNG PALAKKA for 1 hour visit next lunch towards traditional port bajoe dinner at 7:00 8:30 return to hotel break third day Hasannudin airport at 5: 00 am breakfast waterfall sights Bantimurung for 2 hours free events lunch at 3 in the airport Hasannudin GUEST MUST BE ARRIVING AT MOST AIRPORTS Hasannudin LATE AFTERNOON BEFORE 12:00 HOURS AND LEAVING THE MOST SOUTH LATE JAM 18: 00 AFTERNOON AIRLINES TICKET PACKAGE DOES NOT INCLUDE GUEST MUST PROVIDE INFORMATION TO DEPARTURE and arrival SOUTH WITH INFORMATION ARRIVAL FLIGHT NUMBER ARRIVAL TIME FLIGHT NUMBER DEPARTURE FLIGHT HOURS PACKAGE PRICE FOR ONE PERSON